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Some stuff I produced while my study

" Someone who has a poor memory can claim with a good feeling that he never forgot something.
In case he is wrong and forgot something in the past, then he had already forgotten this situation. "

Project work Animation and automatical solution of Rubik's cube and the MiniTet
Developed together with Daniel Beer
Programm, Projektbericht, Manual
Exercise of the lectureNumerics I,II; Prof. Weiner; SS 1998 - WS 1998/1999 Directory
Exercises of the lectures Theoretical computer science, Fractals Directory
Exercise of the lectureGeometrical data processing; Dr. Schenzel; SS 2000 Directory
Exercises of the lectures Image processing, pattern classification; Prof. Posch; WS 1999/2000 - SS 2000 Directory
Article in the student's journal i-mail 2000 winterQuantifiers HTML PDF PS
2002 summerBig-Oh HTML PDF PS
Diploma thesisAdaptive construction of wavelets for image compression PDF PS

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State of observation:Aktion UBERWACH!
Some non-functional addresses for those bulk mailers who like it. The adresses are randomly composed from real names using Markov chains. I hope that they don't exist in this form.